Transform Your Home With Premium Paints

paint-cansAt Advanced Painting Ohio, we use only the highest quality products, Sherwin Williams paints and stains on every painting project.  We also pride ourselves on some of the best craftsman in the business.  What does that mean to you?  The final product – your finished project, will reflect the quality and care we put into every job.

Our commitment to your satisfaction will be apparent – start to finish. From paint and color selection, to our interaction with you, our clients, we work diligently to maintain open communication throughout the course of your project. Every stroke of paint, from your home, small residential touch-ups to repainting of historic homes, churches and commercial buildings, is completed with care.

Every painting project begins with the key to a beautiful, quality, long-lasting finish:  exacting and thorough preparation work.  Whether it’s interior or exterior, a single wall or entire commercial building, you can count on Advanced Painting Ohio to provide truly professional quality painting services.  Guaranteed!

Advanced Painting Ohio Interior Painting Process

1) We begin by putting all furniture and decorations in another room, or the center of the room.  Any furniture and decorations remaining in the room are covered if necessary.

2) Next, we cover all exposed area with drop cloths. This ensures that the paint ends up on the ceilings, walls and trim, and not on your furniture and flooring.

3) Next, we remove all outlet covers, blinds, curtains, and pictures.

4) All trim, windows, doorframes, and molding are taped and backfilled with caulk to ensure laser sharp lines with no visible gaps, and prevent overspray on trim.  This is absolutely essential in achieving the best possible finished product, and is not standard practice for all painting companies.

5) All nail holes and drywall imperfections are then repaired, sanded smooth, and primed to avoid any flashing.

6) Walls are then painted with 1 coat, and allowed to dry completely.

7) In between coats, walls are re-inspected to ensure that there are no imperfections.  All painted walls are then re-sanded to ensure the best quality finish.

8) Second coat is now applied, allowed to dry, and inspected for total coverage.

9) Once total coverage is achieved, all tape is removed.

10) Next, all outlet covers, blinds, curtains and pictures are put back in their proper place.  All drop cloths are then removed and all furniture is uncovered.

11) The room is then re-assembled to its original condition, and inspected by homeowner for total satisfaction.

Advanced Painting Ohio Exterior Painting Process

1) Power wash all areas to be painted. This cleans all mildew, loose paint, stains and pollutants off of the home to ensure a clean surface for maximum adhesion. Pressure washing a surface before the application of a finish is highly recommended to achieve the best results.

2) Protecting other surfaces. We tape and cover all sidewalks, driveways, plants, and other areas that could be in risk. Cover windows in painted areas.

3) Scrape all loose and failing paint.

4) Caulking. We caulk all wood to wood joints and gaps.

5) Priming. We will give you the option for us to prime the whole home, or spot prime the exposed surfaces on your home.

6) Apply top of the line — long lasting materials. We will customize your coatings to your job specifically. This ensures that your home will be protected for a long time.

7) Clean Up Daily. We not only clean up at the end of the job…we clean at the end of everyday. We respect your home.

Why should you choose Advance Painting Ohio? Painting is time consuming and a hassle. You want your home or business looking great, but you don’t want it to take weeks to make it that way. We can take the project off your hands because we love to paint! We want to help make your property something to be proud of – and as a part of the community, your pride is our pride. We look forward to providing you with all your painting and color consulting needs.

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