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Advance Painting Residential ExteriorA fresh paint job has the power to totally transform the look of your house in less time and for less cash than any other remodeling project. That thin skin of resin and pigment also protects your investment, shielding it from sun, wind, and rain—until the paint begins to crack and peel, that is. Then it’s time to button up with a couple of new coats. Properly applied, new paint should last for a good 15 years, provided you use top-quality materials, apply them with care (and with an eye on the weather), and, most important, a clean.

Our full-time staff of professional, exterior painters have years of experience, and the right tools and equipment to ensure that your interior painting project is finished quickly, safely and with beautiful results. You can trust that we will get your exterior painting project completed with precision and ease, no matter what the scale. We will produce more striking, attractive results than any Do-It-Yourself painter can or other low cost painting companies.

Advanced Painting Ohio has the best exterior painters in Broadview Hts., Brecksville, North Royalton, and Parma Ohio.

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When you call Advanced Painting Ohio, you can expect true professional. Painting the exterior of your home serves two functions. The first is protection – a good paint coating will keep sun and moisture away from the surface. The second purpose of paint is to beautify by giving the desired color and finish. It is our job to properly prepare the surface and apply the paint in order to provide both protection and beauty.

We take the following steps in our exterior painting process:

Washing: This step is used to clean the area to be painted. If it is dirty or has mold or mildew we will use a power washer or clean the surface by hand.

Protecting Your Home: All areas beneath and around the surfaces to be painted are protected with a drop sheet. Outdoor furniture, barbecues and the like are moved away from the work area. Light fixtures and door handles are protected.

Preparation: All areas are inspected for peeling paint and rotten wood. Rotten wood is replaced and any loose paint is removed and sanded. Areas that have had paint scraped and/or wood replaced receive a coat of primer to seal the surface. All corners and gaps are caulked to seal out moisture.

Painting: Exterior painting serves two purposes: protection and beautification. We will consult with and advise you with regard to the number of coats required to achieve both protection and beautification of your home. If you are changing the color a second coat is needed to achieve the color you are looking for. We only use top quality paints such as Duration and SuperPaint from Sherwin-Williams.

Clean up: The project area is cleaned daily and at the completion of the project. Paint chips are swept up and all equipment is removed. Outdoor furniture, barbecues and the like are returned to their original location.

Quality Assurance: The production manager will do a final inspection with the customer. Final paperwork is completed and a customer survey card is left so that our performance may be evaluated.

Why should you choose Advance Painting Ohio? Painting is time consuming and a hassle. You want your home or business looking great, but you don’t want it to take weeks to make it that way. We can take the project off your hands because we love to paint! We want to help make your property something to be proud of – and as a part of the community, your pride is our pride. We look forward to providing you with all your painting and color consulting needs.

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